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Business Tax Preparation and Plannning

Predovich and Company provides a wide variety of business services. We have significant depth and breadth of experience and knowledge. We have substantial experience in the areas of real estate, finance, health care, retirement, litigation, ranching, farming, retail, wholesale, construction, manufacturing and restaurant services to name a few.

The experience of Dan Predovich on the Board of Directors of RE/MAX International and his experience in the lengthy Initial Public Offering process of RE/ MAX in 2013 is a significant asset from which our clients can benefit.

The experience of Dan Predovich in the Colorado State Attorney General’s Office is another source of substantial experience available to our clients.

Bookkeeping is many times performed by the employees of the client. However, clients often find that this work may be more cost effective if handled by us. We serve many business clients as their “bookkeeping department“. Since we have several staff members to assist with this effort, the client is always a phone call or email away from the financial information they need. This service is very flexible from year to year or within a year, since client needs for this service may change.

Business Tax Review

During tax interviews we’ve found that many businesses would have saved substantial taxes or streamlined their operational costs, if they had consulted with us on a regular basis.
Some areas where pre-planning may generate substantial savings are:

New Business Startup and Funding
Purchase or Sale of Rental or Investment Real Estate
QuickBooks Setup and Operation/Accounting Procedures
Long-term Funding or Financing
Sale of Business
Business and Financial Planning
Cash Management
Officer Compensation Issues

If these issues will affect you in the current or upcoming year, discussing these matters now may decrease your tax liability or save you an unpleasant surprise next year.

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