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Dan Predovich

Winner National Police Two Man Team Championship County Division • National Police Distinguished Award • Colorado Police Combat Pistol Champion • Rocky Mountain Region IPSC Combat Pistol Champion • 10 consecutive annual award winner of the “Governor’s Twenty” award for the top law enforcement competitors in Colorado • National Police Combat High Master Class competitor • IPSC Master Class competitor • Gunsite Master Rifle Instructor (one of six in USA) • Scharfschutzen Absiechen, excellence in rifle craft award from Col. Jeff Cooper • Gunsite Senior pistol Instructor, shotgun Instructor (under the direction of Col. Jeff Cooper) • Rocky Mountain Combat Shotgun Champion • Colorado State P.O. S.T. Master Firearms Instructor (one of three in Colorado) • Cofounder of the Colorado Law Enforcement Instructors’ Association (1989) • Board member of the Highlands Ranch Law Enforcement Training Facility in Douglas County • Cofounder of Rampart Corporation (firearms training since 1976) • Cofounder of the Colorado Pistol League in 1976 (now Practical Shooting Association of Colorado)

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